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Please Note;

Exciting new science has allowed me to greatly advance this model. All pages will be undated in the near future to coincide with the recent release of the new book, ‘Solving the Unknown Universe’.  

This model is not about questioning the areas of known and proven science, but explores areas where science readily admits they do not understand.  

We are incredibly privileged to live our lives within a window of time, on an astoundingly beautiful planet within an amazing solar system, which resides as part of the gorgeous Milky-Way-Galaxy, within a simply dazzling home universe.

However a ‘Big-Bang’ universe is full of unsolvable mysteries which include such fundamentals as the source of Gravity, Dark-matter, Dark-energy, missing Anti-matter, Super Massive Black Holes, Galaxy formation and much more. 

The Big-Stretch universe is arguably the first and only theory ever to be put forward which answers the BIG questions and actually unravels and solves these fundamental, everyday mysteries. Discover how combining the 'expansion' of Space and Time with known and proven science creates the first ever, comprehensive, all fully correlated, blueprint for our home universe.

Discover completely explained, positive and fully correlated revelations such as how the ‘speed’ of light powers Gravity, why Dark-matter is a bubble-particle which provides part of the mechanism for Gravity, how halos of Dark-matter around Galaxies were first created, how Matter acquired Gravity, why Globular Clusters contain many of the first stars, why galaxies are accelerating away without Dark-energy, solve the Matter and Anti-matter conundrum, learn where, when and why particles become waves and discover the explicit details which can explain the precise source of Gravity.


Please feel free to jump to any page of interest, but reading every page in sequence will provide a better understand of the flow and consistency of the model, and one may be surprised how frequently the ramifications of this model will ‘self solve’ many of today’s greatest cosmic mysteries. 

Many times over, cosmic mysteries which I had no intention of ever attempting to solve were being solved, solely by the consequences of the model itself.

This website was opened September 2014 and is being regularly updated as I simplify the explanation of the model.

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