Where answers lie.

This model is not about questioning the areas of known and proven science, but explores areas where science readily admits they do not understand. Our aim will be to create a beautifully correlated model for our universe, where all acts as one single entity.

There is ample evidence to support this model. Explanations will be provided all the way through this presentation and all explanations will be fully correlated. Because this model is based on known and proven science for the most part the science required for this model has already been proven. For instance, this model not only uses, but actually requires, makes sense and correlates the known and proven science of the following;

The existence of a ghost-like particle called Dark-matter;

The way Dark-matter is distributed and behaves;

The fact that galaxies are accelerating away;

The age and momentum of stars within different regions of difference Galaxies;

Super-Massive-Black-Holes at centers of regular galaxies;

Age and position and orbit of Globular Clusters;

Age of stars within Irregular Galaxies;

Anti-matter and Matter will indisputably completely annihilate each other;

The ‘Conservation of energy’ law; 

The double slit experiment; Particles can demonstrate the ability to be in wave form and instantly collapse wave form by displaying particle form;  

The existence of very large Super-Massive-Black-Holes often powering Quasars within our earliest universe;

Quasars requiring a prolonged, enormous and efficient power source;

Gravity is not an actual force, and is conveyed over very large distances;

Expanding Space-time;

Time dilation.

How light normally speeds away in all directions;

How light cannot escape a Black-hole;

And even the way in which the universe’s background radiation is distributed. 

All of which arguably combines, to be a substantially better fit to a Big-Stretch universe, than all can possibly combine to conform to a Big-Bang universe.

Actually because today’s known and proven science is truly a better fit to a Big-Stretch universe there is substantially less science to prove. For example, many of these very same features which have proved to be baffling and not possible to explain within a Big-Bang universe, become fully explainable within the uninterrupted, free-flowing correlation of a Big-Stretch universe. 

Because the (above) evidence fits like a glove, it can be strongly argued, that the evidence very much favors a Big-Stretch universe.  


“The Big-Stretch”

It is so important that a credible alternative to the Big-Bang should not only provide an alternative to the Big-Bang itself but also solve the many unsolvable fundamentals of today’s universe. Unlike the Big-Bang which creates many cosmic mysteries, for a process to be credible, it should include a series of naturally appearing occurrences which will develop in such a way as to ‘self solve’ these very same cosmic mysteries. 

One would need to fully explain the very source of Gravity without the use of unexplainable gravitons and fully explain the process which gave Particles-of-Matter the same properties of Gravity.

One would need to fully provide a source for the universe’s matter and fully account for all Anti-matter. It is imperative, that our source of Matter can easily solve the mystery of Galaxy formation in a way, which accounts for the general age and momentum of stars, observed within different regions of different Galaxies including Globular Clusters.

One would need to fully explain why Galaxies are now accelerating away without the use of impossible to explain Dark-energy.

One would need to fully explain why massless particles mostly defy Gravity and speed away at the speed of light at the same time as a particle-of-matter falls to the ground with Gravity.

One would need to fully explain the source of Dark-matter and the complete role it not only plays in the universe today but the vital role it played in developing our youngest universe.

One would need to fully explain how to seamlessly merge the successful theories of Quantum Mechanics, Special Relativity and General Relativity.

One would need to fully explain how and exactly why Particles turn into waves and fully explain the process which first gave Particles these amazing properties. 

One would need to fully explain in a rational way, exactly how time dilation works. 

Most importantly, one would need to fully correlate all of these subjects, so as to allow our universe to act as one single entity.

The ramifications of beginning by way of a Big-Bang have been far reaching.  As a result, and despite decades of scientific effort, Science has been unable to solve any of these basic fundamentals of a functioning universe.

If a model is good it will fluently use obvious reasoning and in the simplest of terms fully explain all. Ideally the process should be ‘self solving’, give feasible explanations and follow Mothers Nature’s indulgence.

By studying the movements and characteristics of particles within expanding Space-time; the same Space-time which surrounds us all today we will hopefully expose the hidden blueprint for the most likely beginning of our home universe.

Our aspiration will be to tell the story of known and proven science while exploring and focusing our interest in areas which harbor mysteries or gaps to today’s science. Our aim will then be to fill in these gaps, like missing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, to, hopefully, expose a complete and coherent universe.

Our gap fillers will compose of a synthesis of new imaginative and innovative processes, which will be given new names such as ‘Center-point Expansion’, ‘Massless Accretion’, 'Particle Surfing', ‘Outer-gravity’, ‘Hermits Acquisition’, ‘Stationary Momentum’, ‘Dark Creation’, ‘Fountain Formation’ and ‘Ghost-matter’.  Rather than being radical these new imaginative and innovative processes should comprise of a progression of fresh ideas which make down-to-Earth common sense. It is imperative for our model to fit extremely well to what is known and observed and ideally explain in plain words how our universe operates in complete unison, as a single, correlated entity.

Let us now attempt to piece together the major unexplained mysteries of our universe. To do this we will build ourselves a fully operational universe which will be called "The Big-Stretch".

The daunting challenge will be to piece this jigsaw together in a rational manner which not only embraces all known and proven science but also applies and relies on the flow on effect of common sense, natural indulgence and logic.

Once this jigsaw is completed it should expose a beautiful and coherent portrayal of a universe which looks and operates the way our home universe does today.

To find answers we must first travel beyond our Home Universe of inseparable Space and time and like ‘Star Trek’: 

“Boldly go where no man has gone before”

It is said; if there was an outside to our home universe of inseparable Space and time that the concept would be pointless because there is no possible way for information to be conveyed back so as to have any consequence within our universe of Space and time. However this will not be a true issue for the reason that the same can be said for all Black-Holes which have event horizons past where nothing can escape, yet Black-Holes have a tremendous effect on Space and Matter outside of Black-Holes. This same implicating consequence is all that is required to explain all within our universe of Space and time.

Ask a physicist or cosmologist what was there before the Big-Bang, or what is there outside of today’s universe, and you will most likely to receive an answer somewhat along these lines “yikes!, we do not go there, like nobody goes out there, anyway it is completely pointless because today’s scientific theories tell us that there is no outside, no space or time, not even nothingness”. 

It is said the Big-Bang universe of Space-time nonsensically does not expand into anything; the Big-Bang universe of Space-time just expands from within, a concept which is always a little difficult for my humble human brain. Science is truly fixated on portraying the Big-Bang universe existing within a realm of total nonexistence, an idea which is most difficult to grasp.

The Cosmologist will tell us our universe is more like an ant on a ball who may think in a two dimensional world, where if the ant walked in any direction, the ant would eventually return to where he started from.

If we were to travel outside of our Home Universe what would we find?

Just like that ant, whichever direction one steered our spaceship one is likely to find that space itself is curved so one would never find the outer edge of the universe. It would be like attempting to find the end of a rainbow where, once one arrived, it would always appear to be further away. It is apparent that the Big-Bang universe of Space and time has no center or outer edge.  But hang on, I’m not an ant, I know there is not only left and right, forward and backwards but also up and down and before and after. We have little difficulty navigating the space ‘bent’ by Gravity around the Earth so there must surely be a direction I can steer my spaceship to fool this bothersome 'bent' space at the edge of the universe.

Many a time I have tried to envisage arriving at this edge of ‘no place’ in my Hybrid-super-modified space-tunneling spaceship and what I may find there. Would it be a wall of intense impenetrable blackness?

Shall we call it the big void, non-dimensional nothingness, emptiness, place of non existence and alien to modern science, dark space, non-expanding space, timeless Space, another dimension, place of nowhere, The sea of Dark-matter, The Dark side or Anti-space?

'Non-expanding space' may be the best description and 'The Darkside' may be appropriate because this is where light cannot shine. However, I do like the term ‘Anti-space’. It seems as though just by giving nothingness a name, ‘Anti-space’ one has now truly created something from nothing. It does not really matter whether Anti-space is truly only a void of complete emptiness or whether it has true ‘Anti’ space properties.

Science already believes that there is a ‘timeless, nonexistent nothingness’ outside of our universe of Space and time, so in many ways, this concept is only a different interpretation of this very same ‘timeless nothingness’.

Non-expanding empty space which we will refer to as 'Anti-space' will be the only ‘added’ ‘item’ needed to explain all within a Big-Stretch universe. It is like we have added, well, nothing. That is, no impossible to explain forces, unexplainable energies or hidden dimensions appearing from nowhere. Surely it is not unfeasible to suggest that our universe of Space-time is in fact expanding into a timeless realm of complete emptiness which existed for timeless eons before our universe of expanding Space and time began.

Another obvious and best description of our home universe would include this void now called Anti-space as part of a whole universe. Now the whole true universe is infinite and so has no physical or imaginable boundaries.

No hocus-pocus mind bending concepts here.  

The realm of empty stationary and non-expanding space we have simply called Anti-space, and the realm of expanding space will be our Space-time.

Anti-space is just the non-expanding, absolute emptiness which was ‘everywhere’ before our universe of expanding Space and time began. We will show exactly why Anti-space is a complete void where Space does not expand, where time cannot advance, where light cannot shine and where Gravity cannot exist.

Although Anti-space is absolute emptiness it will be a vital ingredient needed to construct our Big-Stretch universe. Behaving very much like water overflowing a dam, our Big-Stretch universe of expanding Space-time will require the absolute emptiness of Anti-space to flow and expand into.

Anti-space: a non-expanding, dimensional, emptiness or void where time stands still.

Space-time with its three expanding dimensions is not nothingness; the ‘fabric’ of Space-time can be warped, twisted and bent.

Space-time: Vibrant, expanding, three dimensional Space which regulates time.

Within a Big-Stretch universe inseparable Space and time is expanding at the speed of light.

Now, if one substance is expanding and one is not expanding, one can understand how the expanding substance is applying some sort of influence towards the non-expanding substance.

Just as opposites normally attract, the fabric of raw expanding-Space-time is simply attracted to the complete emptiness of non-expanding Anti-space.

This simple concept of inseparable Space and time expanding into a realm of complete emptiness will provide the foundations for many of the laws required to construct almost everything within our Big-Stretch universe. 

This is the beginning of the straightforward concept of the Big-Stretch universe.


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