1,000,000,000 times more efficient.

The Big-Bang-Theory instantly has all energy, allowing for the transformation to all Matter, for all Galaxies, for all time, from a universe smaller than the size of the Atom.

The instant Big-Bang universe suffers from the dilemma of having an astonishingly start up procedure of a billion times more Matter and Anti-matter than is seen in today’s universe. This is a colossal and mind bewildering task. In fact, just a few seconds after the beginning of the Big-Bang, all 100% of Anti-matter and 99.9999999% of Matter had disappeared. As the Big-Bang ‘bubble’ expanded only the remaining minuscule 00.00000001% of Matter would represent all Matter within our universe today and forever more.

However a Big-Stretch universe is only required to produce just one billionth of the amount of Matter initially produced within the Big-Bang simply because all 100% of Matter is retained.

The Big-Stretch universe is therefore arguably 1,000,000,000 times more efficient than the Big-Bang at producing Matter simply because it gets to keep all of the Matter transformed from energy other than the possibility of losing a small amount of Matter if annihilation is used to power the extraordinary brightness of Quasars. In doing so the Big-Stretch universe also totally solves the long-standing conundrum of a discrepancy of excess Matter compared to Anti-matter and meets the mandatory requirements of the ‘Conservation of energy’ law all of which has evaded most exacting science.

For a Big-Stretch universe the task of producing this one billionth amount of Matter is then fittingly distributed amongst hundreds of billions of Galaxies and given a fitting timeframe of hundreds of millions of years or whatever amount of time it requires.

A developing Big-Stretch universe is arguably and perceivable more unequivocally capable of performing this colossal task than a totally, unexplainable and instant event smaller than the full stop at the end of this sentence.

An interesting exercise is to visualize an overlay of a Big-Stretch universe with the Big-Bang universe. The illustrations represent time or light cones of both universes. The Big-Bang-Theory is very much the product of observing the way today’s universe of Galaxies is expanding, and then very simply extrapolating time, the expansion, and all the universe contains, backwards until the whole universe was smaller than an Atom and back, even further, until all science breaks down. One will never find our realm of non-expanding emptiness (Anti-space) with this approach.

To discover what lies beyond the singularity, one must find a way to navigate around the singularity, of where the Big-Bang begins. The Big-Bang universe literally runs out of time and so it is impossible for the instant Big-Bang universe to provide an explanation for its beginning with its intense state of energy.

Science has worked itself into a singularity, which it is not possible to escape from, so mathematical science says there must have been nothing before or past the singularity of the Big-Bang but this may not necessarily be true.

There are millions of stellar black holes within our Milky-Way-Galaxy, all of which harbor singularities at their centers and all have nothing past their singularity but all can be easily navigated around. 

With an illustration and by observing where the Big-Bang universe begins, one can plainly see, by extrapolating time backwards; the Big-Bang universe is irreversibly trapped, into shrinking oblivion.

The Big-Bang and other theories like it, cannot navigate around the singularity of where the Big-Bang begins, because it would need to break away from its light cone and this is forbidden. 

The science, the mathematics and the theories must all end with a singularity; oblivious to what may lie beyond.  Science has painted itself into a corner and all roads are without turns and lead to oblivion.

With an illustration of multiple Galaxies overlay one still acquires a fitting time cone for our home universe. One should also pose the question why, if it was possible for one Big-Bang to have occurred, after 13.75 billion years, there has not been at least another single observable Big-Bang? If a second Big-Bang occurred near our Milky-Way-Galaxy we would quite possibly be obliterated by such an overwhelmingly powerful, incredibly hot blast-like event of expanding energy/mass. Even if it occurred far away it would not lightly go unnoticed.

In contrast, if another speck of non-expanding Anti-space has begun expanding, even if it has happened many times right next to you, the event would be infinitesimally smaller than adding one drop of water to the world’s oceans and so would be totally undetectable and unnoticeable.

At the confined point where the Big-Bang begins there are striking similarities for both universes and one can see how mathematical science is more likely to have produced a Big-Bang universe from within a Big-Stretch universe. 

Both universes have a region or regions where mathematical science may break down and where time is at a standstill immediately before the creation of matter.

Matter in both universes will form into planets, stars and Galaxies.

The three strongest fundamental forces of nature Electromagnetism, The Strong Nuclear Force and The Weak Nuclear Force are completely retained within a Big-Stretch universe.

Only the remaining, weakest and least understood force of Gravity is redefined within a Big-Stretch universe.

Indeed much of the proven science of the Big-Bang universe may be applied to the Big-Stretch universe. This is what we have set out to achieve. 


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