Dark-matter, Gravitons and Anti-matter.

Behaviour of Dark-matter, Gravitons and Anti-matter within a Big-Stretch universe. 


The Graviton ; A hypothetical elementary particle.

General Relativity has a lot to do with Gravity and General Relativity does not refer to gravitons. I have noticed that Particle Physics encompasses a Standard Model for elementary particles where science often prefers to omit the graviton. The graviton appears to be a pesky little thing which simply refuses to fit well with either theoretical or proven science. Science has only included gravitons as an attempt to explain the source of Gravity.

There is no solid proof that gravitons do in fact exist. The actuality that theories supporting gravitons all suffer from severe problems and that gravitons have never been detected and that there has not been any experimental evidence supporting their existence is not a problem for a Big-Stretch universe.

Within a Big-Stretch universe Gravity is a completely explained two part mechanism which has nothing whatever to do with hypothetical gravitons. Omitting gravitons from Matter is not only a perfect fit to scientifically, proven models for Matter, it is also a perfect fit for Matter within a Big-Stretch universe.



A Big-Stretch universe requires Dark-matter to have all of its exact, known properties, that is, Dark-matter has the characteristics of invisible nothingness which has Gravity.

Within a Big-Stretch universe Dark-matter is a true ghost particle which provides part of the mechanism for Gravity. Our Dark-matter particles are massless, which is precisely the reason why Dark-matter particles do not clump or crash into themselves in the same way as ordinary Matter. (See page 4).

We know precisely where Dark-matter originated from, as it is simply fragmented pieces of a non-expanding domain of emptiness (Anti-space) which was present everywhere before our universe of the three dimensional ‘fabric’ of expanding Space and time began. Conforming to all of the known properties of Dark-matter, our Fragmented-Anti-space particles are true, ghost-like particles of nothingness which provide part of the mechanism for Gravity.

The attraction of Space-time to one of these bubble-particles (Dark-matter) creates an Anchored Center-point of expanding Space-time. Meaning a Dark-matter particle resides at the center of expansion of Space and time.

The attraction of ‘expanding’ Space-time to Dark-matter occurs like flowing water which matches how Gravity operates over distant.

Raw Space-time and Dark-matter are massless and particle-less so raw expanding Space-time can never fill the empty particle of Dark-matter. This allows this process to be forever perpetual.

The attraction of Space-time between two particles-of-Dark-matter residing at Anchored Center-points of expanding Space-time causes ‘expanding’ Space–time to appear to be stretched (warped or bent) towards the ‘other’ particle-of-Dark-matter. A particle-of-Dark-matter now moves to a position so as to always remain completely stationary at the center of uniform expansion of Space-time.This stationary movement caused by the continuous offsetting of a center of expansion of Space-time is called Gravity.

The attraction of Space-time between two particles-of-matter residing at Anchored Center-points of expanding Space-time causes ‘expanding’ Space–time appear to be stretched (warped or bent) towards the ‘other’ particle-of-matter. A particle-of-matter now moves to a position so as to always remain completely stationary at the center of uniform expansion of Space-time. This stationary movement caused by the continuous offsetting of a center of expansion of Space-time is called Gravity.

In both cases it is the center of expansion of Space-time which moves and allows the particle-of-matter to remain stationary at the center of uniformly expanding  Space and time.


‘Hermits Acquisition’

Dark-matter residing at Anchored Center-points of expanding Space-time have evolved to provide an invisible shell or scaffolding where Atoms can exist and from where expanding Space-time provides Gravity. We have called this process ‘Hermits Acquisition’ because this reminds me of how a hermit crab commandeers an empty shell. (See page 6).

Atoms have now, from where they first formed, naturally inherited the characteristics of Anchored Center-points of expanding Space-time and inherit from the beginning of time the all important mechanism for Gravity.

A fitting model which encapsulates the nucleus of an Atom may assist the construction of an Atom by allowing the flow of Space-time to tighten the nucleus.

Actually the configuration of Dark-matter at Anchored Center-points of expanding Space-time within a Big-Stretch universe has very nicely provided the scaffolding for Atoms. Without this scaffolding Atoms would have no gravity and may not even exist. Space-time neatly reversing to expansion can now assist in preventing orbiting electrons which have electromagnetic force attraction to the nucleus, from crashing down to the nucleus.

But not all of these empty shells would be expected to have acquired Matter which would account for the abundance of Dark-matter in the universe today.

Because of its nature, all Dark-matter may have ‘gained’ trace rudiments over eons giving Dark-matter some yet to be observed properties. 

From the outer edge our original pools of Fragmented-Anti-space may be like a cloud transcending to a Super-Massive-Black-Hole at the center. Not all of this Fragmented-Anti-space (Dark-matter) would be expected to cycle through the Matter creating center. The outer reaches of this 'Dark-matter cloud’ could be expected to have remained intact as an outer halo, further enhancing and allowing galaxy formation.  






Anti- Matter.

It appears fitting, if Matter forms at a secure Anchored Center-point of expansion of Space-time which contains a piece of Fragmented-Anti-space that, Anti-matter’s only option is to reside within the hazardous 'pure expansion' of Space-time This would possibly compel Anti-particles, created within an area of expansion of Space-time, to be most unstable.

This also means Space-time would not be attracted to Anti-matter and consequently Anti-matter would simply be Gravity neutral within our Space-time universe. This solves an earlier dilemma of Super-Massive-Black-Holes becoming more massive (gravity wise) than they are observed today.

It would be difficult for Anti-particles to form 'stable' Atoms of Anti-matter within an area of expansion of Space-time because, without the configuration and security of Anchored Center-points where Relativity rules, Anti-matter would be precariously unpredictable. I can perceive a possibility that Anti-particles may even be so unstable that it quickly ‘flies apart’ and its very building blocks of particles behave more like mass-less particles and speed away at close to the speed of light. Interesting, CERN physicists have managed to create the first atoms of anti-hydrogen. The anti-particles traveled at nearly the speed of light for a distant of over 10 meters before they were annihilated with ordinary matter.

Being Gravity neutral an Anti-matter particle which has ‘mass’ may possible ‘fall’ with gravity but it would never have the ability to produce gravity of its own. I cannot think of any reason for Anti-matter to have any ‘Anti-gravity’ properties. I guess within a Big-Bang universe there may be Anti-gravitons which may give Anti-matter ‘Anti-gravity’ properties but within a Big-Stretch universe we do not have any need for hypothetical Gravitons. 

If one particle did not have the fragment of Anti-space the mechanism of Gravity would operate only one way; for instance, light can feel Gravity but the Gravity engine of expanding Space-time cannot feel light.

Consequently Anti-particles can feel Gravity but cannot deliver or provide Gravity therefore Anti-particles are not capable of forming stars or planets. Indeed, no Anti-matter stars or planets have ever been observed.


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