A Universe of Natural Indulgence.

I wish to believe in a process I will called natural indulgence. By natural indulgence I mean events which follow the most natural and commonsensical path; for instance, if a river overflows its banks it is following natural indulgence, if I eat that big bar of creamy, white chocolate in the refrigerator, I am following my own natural indulgence by freely yielding to natural desires. Another term could be ‘Mother Nature’. “Mother Nature freely yielding to her natural indulgence”, sounds right.

Thus, within my Big-Stretch universe, today’s mysteries of Gravity, the graviton, Dark-matter and the increasing speed of the expansion of the universe are all really just the effect of the same fundamental phenomenon; Space-time following its own natural indulgence by expanding its infinite dimensions towards the emptiness of a non-expanding, timeless, infinite void which we have simply called Anti-space. It seems to be common sense to me, that all of these Matter moving mechanisms which pose such a mystery to science, are all really caused by this same natural phenomenon acting within complete unison. Within a Big-Stretch universe there is no need to dream up some sort of 'Dark' energy to somehow engage in a formidable, Galactic scale battle of tug-of-war with Gravity. 

With a Big-Stretch universe we have strived to conform to known and proven science far more than the ramifications of a Big-Bang universe.

Unlike the Big-Bang universe, which requires baffling, dark mythical-like energies to somehow appear from a never to be revealed source, my Big-Stretch universe and associated Anti-space does not require, several different, unexplainable and all powerful mystery forces or energies at play in the universe. All can be explained with the flow of expanding Space-time, stretching towards the emptiness of Anti-space, a dimensional non-expanding primordial domain, which existed, eons before our universe of expanding Space and time began.

Powered, driven and regulated by the expansion of Space-time, the Dimension of time, speed of massless particles, Gravity and particles-of-matter are all positively and permanently directly linked and perfectly coupled together, enabling all to be beautifully synchronized, to operate in fine tune, like a Symphony Orchestra, with the steady beat of the expansion rate of 299,792,458 meters per second, which is of course the speed of light. 

Is it just an amazing coincidence or twist of fate that all can be explained and all can be shown to be positively correlated within a Big-Stretch universe? I doubt it very much. The only alternative is to say everything just suddenly ‘appeared from nothing’ in one amazing second which I also very much doubt. Yes the universe could have began as a Big-Bang but then we would not be able to explain the source of Gravity, the formation of Galaxies, what Dark-matter is, why Galaxies are accelerating away, why particles become waves, how Super-Massive-Black-Holes first formed, what happened to the ‘missing’ Anti-matter, not to mention how could we possibly make a whole universe just instantly appear from nothingness?  

To explain the very largest, we have focused on the very smallest. By way of studying the movements and characteristics of particles within expanding Space-time, we have exposed the hidden blueprint for the beginnings of a beautifully correlated universe, where all acts as one single entity.

The Big-Stretch universe is now complete, and portrays a beautiful and rational universe, which functions faultlessly. By being driven by the expansion of Space-time all features of a Big-Stretch universe are positive correlated, and so mesh together to operate in complete unison like the geared synchronized moving parts of one well oiled machine. I now believe in this concept of my Big-Stretch universe, and I will now be able to go to my grave in peace, believing I understand how our home universe began, without a Big-Bang, and evolved into today’s incredible far reaching cosmos.                                                 




Our universe may be a Big-Bang universe or it may be a Big-Stretch universe. It does not really matter because we are incredibly privileged to live our lives within a window of time, on an astoundingly beautiful planet within an amazing solar system, which resides as part of the gorgeous Milky-Way-Galaxy, within a simply dazzling home universe.

                                                                                                            Richard Freeman

Image captured from my place of work. 

'and I think to myself, what a wonderful world' ♥


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