Thank you for visiting my website. I was born in 1951, I have experienced a lifetime working alone at sea in the open Pacific Ocean off Mooloolaba, which is located on the coast of south east Queensland, Australia. Countless night hours alone, well out to sea and far away from the glow of the on shore lights.

When alone at sea witnessing these spectacular night skies one feels a surreal sense of being totally privileged to be speeding through the cosmos onboard this wonderful home planet of ours.

Grandstand views over the ocean of alluring moon rises and moon sets are pure magic. On moonless, cloudless nights at sea the Milky-Way-Galaxy is so breathtakingly beautiful with its darker dust lanes silhouetted against a dazzling display of stars. I think to myself what a splendidly fitting name for our home Galaxy. Meteorite showers, and even the occasional comet over the years, have added even more to the sheer delight of viewing the brilliant night sky while at sea. 

Always, urged on by the sounds of the ocean and the sounds and sights of the surrounding spectacle which mother nature has provided, my mind is always motivated and absolutely free to wander and speculate about the many mysteries of the night sky above, and what more amazing mysteries may lie beyond. I wonder what could really be happening far out there, how did it all begin and will it ever end? I wonder how one can ever comprehend the unimaginable distances in our universe.

I think of how it would take me 19 years at the speed of a jumbo jet to travel to the closest star, our sun, but just over eight minutes at the fastest speed allowed by the laws of the universe, the speed of light. My mind wonders even further away. If I had commenced a journey at the astonishing speed of light, at the time our calendar began, to travel across the width of our Milky-Way-Galaxy, by now, 2013 years later I would have only completed a mere 2 percent of my journey.

At least a hundred thousand years at the speed of light is the unimaginable distance across this mighty Milky-Way-Galaxy of ours. Unimaginably large as it is, the Milky-Way-Galaxy is but a pin prick of light among billions of other Galaxies in the vastness of the universe itself.  

"I feel most privileged when my pet dolphin “Dolly” pays me a visit and rolls over for a gentle little rub under her chin".